ON 19th JUNE 2024 IN THE MEMORIAL HALL, 7.00pm

01-06/24 Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

02-06/24 Minutes of previous meeting
Proposal to confirm minutes of the meeting on Wednesday 13th March 2024

03-06/24 Finance Review

  1. The Committee to review the BOSA financial report for the year to date.
  2. The Committee to consider whether to progress any suggested projects for inclusion in the Financial Year 2025-26 budget.

04-06/24 Mill Lane  

  1. Proposal to discuss measures to improve/manage the new hedge along the right-side boundary of Mill Lane.

b. Proposal for the Committee to sign off on agreements the Chair has made with the contractor.

  • That he will provide the Contractor with new ground anchors so that they can move the two picnic tables from the rear boundary line – Quote pending
  • They will treat the area along the right-hand boundary line with weedkiller to allow hedge growth – no additional cost.
  • Grass cut height to be 40-60mm in future as opposed to 5cm stated in the contract, no additional cost.

c. Proposal to remove the existing large bin from Mill Lane for use at Greenways as a combined litter/dog waste bin and dispose of the two remaining small bins.

05-06/24 Old Cricket Field

  1. Proposal from the Chair for the Committee to sign off on agreements he has made with the contractor. No additional costs are involved.
  • Removal of the old stump bollards from around the entrance to allow better access to grass.
  • Reorganisation of the large stones in the car park to allow better access to grass with any surplus stones to be moved to another location within the field.
  • Grass cut height to be 40-60mm in future as opposed to 5cm stated in the contract.

b. Information only: At June Full Council it was voted to remove the Skatepark Equipment on Health and Safety Grounds.

    c. Proposal to implement the clearance of overgrown shrubs and nettles below trees within and bordering the grass park area.

    d. Information only: Work to repair the surface at the entrance to the Old Cricket Field has been completed. The rubberised surface has been replaced with tarmac which was arranged and paid for by Jockey Club Estates with the permission of the Parish Council.

    06-06/24 Three Post Lane
    Proposal to allow the Contractor to place a sign at each end of the lane requesting that the public clear up after their dogs, subject to permission from West Berkshire Council if required.

    07-06/24 Tree Survey Works
    Feedback to the Committee on the completed Tree Survey works

    08-06/24 Maintenance contract and monitoring
    Feedback from the Committee Chair and Deputy Clerk following the change of contractor for Open Spaces.

    09-06/24 Programme of Playground Maintenance
    Update from the Deputy Clerk.

    10-06/24 Upper Lambourn Cemetery and Land Purchase.
    a. Feedback from the Deputy Clerk on progress with reconciling the Cemetery systems.
    b. Feedback the progress of the Cemetery Land Purchase

    11-06/24 Paddock Rental (Grasskeep) Agreement
    Proposal that the Paddock Rental (Grasskeep Agreement) be renewed for six months only in September. This is to allow it to continue forward at a new renewal interval in occurring in April to fall in line with the financial year.

    12-06/24 Memorials – Information only

    John (Geordie) Thompson
    28th April 1937 – 26th June 2023
    Treasured memories of a much loved
    partner and uncle
    Rest in Peace

    Beryl Evelyn Webb
    Much loved wife, Mother and Grandmother

    Francis James Victor Osbourn
    13th March 1941
    4th September 2023
    Beloved Husband, Dad and Grandad
    Love you forever

    Loved and missed by all the family
    Marjorie Irene Cripps
    24.6.1939 – 28.6.2023

    In loving memory of
    Belinda Moira Coleman
    11th January 1967
    14th March 2023
    A much loved Mum, Nanny and friend taken far too soon

    13-06/24 Items for next meeting

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