This is the calender of our planned meetings which are open to the public to attend, apart from the Staffing Committee which is a closed session. It is also possible for you to join full council meetings by video conference. Please contact Karen our Clerk by midday on the day of the meeting to receive the video conference details.

Most meetings start at 19:30. Please check with our Clerk to verify the start time.

1 June 2022Full CouncilMemorial Hall + Zoom
15 June 2022Hall and Street CommitteeMemorial Hall
22 June 2022Finance CommitteeMemorial Hall
6 July 2022Full CouncilMemorial Hall + Zoom
27 July 2022Staffing CommitteeMemorial Hall
4 August 2022Full CouncilMemorial Hall + Zoom
7 September 2022Full CouncilMemorial Hall + Zoom
29 September 2022BOSA Committee Memorial Hall
5 October 2022Full CouncilMemorial Hall + Zoom
20 October 2022Hall and Street CommitteeMemorial Hall
26 October 2022Staffing CommitteeMemorial Hall
2 November 2022Full CouncilMemorial Hall + Zoom
9 November 2022Racing CommitteeMemorial Hall
23 November 2022Finance CommitteeMemorial Hall
7 December 2022Full CouncilMemorial Hall + Zoom
4 January 2023Full CouncilMemorial Hall + Zoom
18 January 2023BOSA CommitteeMemorial Hall
1 February 2023Full Council MeetingMemorial Hall + Zoom
8 February 2023Finance CommitteeMemorial Hall
16 February 2023Hall and Street CommitteeMemorial Hall
1 March 2023Full CouncilMemorial Hall + Zoom
8 March 2023Staffing CommitteeMemorial Hall
5 April 2023Full CouncilMemorial Hall + Zoom
12 April 2023Finance CommitteeMemorial Hall
26 April 2023Annual AssemblyMemorial Hall + Zoom
3 May 2023Full CouncilMemorial Hall + Zoom
17 May 2023BOSA CommitteeMemorial Hall

We will add more meetings to the diary as the dates are finalised.

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