We are very proud of Lambourn and our parish and would like it to look its best at all times. We employ a litter picker to keep key areas clean. We have also installed and maintain litter bins and dog waste bins.

If you see an overflowing litter bin, please report directly to West Berkshire Council, click here to report a problem.

The Shield Group empty all our dog waste bins and a litter bin in the Eastbury Furze.  Should you need to report a problem, please contact us.

Click here to see a location map of the dog waste bins, if you click on the bin icon you will see a description of its location and a reference number.  Using this information to report an issue will help us quickly locate the bin to investigate further.

The bins we are responsible for are follows:

Bin RefLocation
733ABlind Lane
733BBockhampton Road Sub Station
733CLambourn Centre/Close End
733ECrowle Road
733FBaydon Road opposite Derby Close
733GBeginning of Allotment footpath
733HEnd of Allotment Footpath
733ICar Park at the Old Cricket Field
733JRear of the Old Cricket Field
733KEntrance to Three Post Lane
733LLynch Lane
733MGoose Green/Honey Hill
733NOxford Street by Northfields
733OMill Lane Bus stop
733PEastbury Furze play area
733QFrancomes Field
733REdwards Hill/Sheep Fair Way
733SJunction of Maddle Road and Upper Lambourn High Street
734AEastbury Furze play area waste bin

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