Parish Councils must maintain an asset register to ensure fixed assets are appropriately safeguarded. Once recorded on the asset register at acquisition cost, the value of assets must not change from year to year until disposal. Concepts of depreciation and impairment adjustments are not appropriate for local councils.

A Parish Council’s fixed asset register has four main purposes:

  1. It forms a basis for decisions on risk and insurance issues.
  2. It provides information on the age and potential lifespan of certain items.
  3. It provides assurance of the continued existence of Council’s property.
  4. It forms a basis for completion of box 9 in the ‘Annual Return.’

The asset register is updated by the Parish Council at the end of each financial year but is a working document it will be amended as necessary.   The definition of fixed assets are property, plant and equipment with a useful life of more than one year used by the Council to deliver its services

The following items are included in the Lambourn Parish Council’s asset register, whether purchased, gifted or otherwise acquired, together with their holding location:

  1. land and buildings held freehold or on long term lease in the name of the Council
  2. community assets
  3. vehicles, plant and machinery
  4. assets considered to be portable, attractive or of community significance
  5. other assets estimated or known to have a minimum purchase or resale value of £250

The following items fall outside the definition for inclusion and are therefore excluded from the Council’s asset register:

  1. land and buildings held on short term lease or rented
  2. stock items intended for resale
  3. stationery and other consumable items
  4. plants and trees
  5. assets with a purchase or resale value of less than £100 (other than items listed as for inclusion in the asset register)

Assets must be valued by one of the following means based on available information:

  1. the purchase price OR
  2. the insurance valuation should be applied where it is not possible to trace the purchase price of the asse OR
  3. a nominal value of £1 may be applied as a last resort. This should also be used for assets gifted to the Council.

The Asset register will be used to inform the insurers of Council assets. For the purposes of insurance, the value to be used is the replacement value of items and not the purchase price as per the asset register.

NOTE: This is a simplified web based version of the asset register. To view the full asset register please contact Karen, our Parish Clerk who holds the official register at the council offices.

LocationAsset TypeAsset DescriptionValue in £
Allotment PaddockLandAllotment Paddock1
Allotments Plots and car parkLandAllotments Plots and car park1
Eastbury Furze Play AreaFixtureJunior Swings with flat seats2223
Eastbury Furze Play AreaFixtureJunior swing with cradle seats2333
Eastbury Furze Play AreaFixtureClimbing rail1350
Eastbury Furze Play AreaFixtureMultiplay unit5245
Eastbury Furze Play AreaFixtureGoal posts & nets1400
Eastbury Furze Play AreaFixtureShelters x 20
Eastbury Furze Play AreaFixtureTrampoline1899
Eastbury Furze Play AreaFixtureCradle Swing2345
Eastbury Furze Play AreaFixtureMonkey bars1450
Eastbury Furze Play AreaFixtureBench702
Eastbury Furze Play AreaFixtureNotice board installed by James Potter June 2017.1020
Fulke Walwyn WayFixtureRailings6150
Market SquareFixtureMarket Square Benches2000
Memorial HallBuildingMemorial Hall87324
Memorial HallContentMemorial Hall content9495
Memorial HallTechnologyHall AV Equipment2000
Memorial HallTechnologyColour printer175
Memorial HallTechnologyLaptop Lenovo Ideapad S540459
Memorial HallTechnologyCCTV system9285
Memorial HallTechnologyAudio speakers Chat 150570
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureFencing6000
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureGates1500
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureSwing Barriers1065
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureToddler Swings with cradle seats2228
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureJunior Swings with Flat seats2223
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureBasket Swings5186
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureInclusive Multiplay29761
Mill Lane Play AreaFixture2 x Rotating Dishes2736
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureMini Trampoline1899
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureLow Rotator Pole2835
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureRope Net10212
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureSlide3999
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureToddler Multiplay Equipment
Mill Lane Play AreaFixture Replaced10689
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureDuckling Rocker3500
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureGoal posts & nets
Mill Lane Play AreaFixture replaced goalposts and nets1098
Mill Lane Play AreaFixture repalcement installation250
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureBenches/seating4500
Mill Lane Play AreaFixturePicnic Benches5682
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureOutdoor gym2491
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureOutdoor Gym - Push up & dip station1193
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureOutdoor Gym - Airwalker1748
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureOutdoor gym - balance beam536
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureOutdoor gym - bicycle1114
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureOutdoor gym - leg press1441
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureBin359
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureSplit Level Quarter pipe5786
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureT-shaped fun box5341
Mill Lane Play AreaFixturePyramid Box2915
Mill Lane Play AreaFixture6 x Evergreen Benches3108
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureMeeting House/Shelter6250
Mill Lane Play AreaFixture5 Bar Gate998
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureGoal Wall including hoops13386
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureBin276
Mill Lane Play AreaFixtureSign387
St Michaels ChurchFixtureCompost bin931
St Michaels ChurchFixtureGates 3000
St Michaels ChurchFixtureGravel path + gates490
St Michaels ChurchFixtureBin401
St Michaels ChurchFixtureUpper Lambourn Cemetry Noticeboard1000
St Michaels ChurchFixtureWar memorial railing8757
St Michaels ChurchFixtureWar memorial railing3652
St Michaels ChurchFixtureLest we forget sillouette250
St Michaels ChurchLighting FixtureChurch Lighting3216
St Michaels ChurchLighting FixtureChurch Lighting
Station RoadFixtureMany Clouds Bench1050
The ParkFixtureBenches347
Various LocationsFixture28 salt bins1
Various LocationsLighting FixturePhase one - Market Place10788
Various LocationsLighting FixturePhase Two - North West15911
Various LocationsLighting FixturePhase Three - Centre and East15418
Various LocationsLighting FixtureIndividual replacements - Woodbury897
Various LocationsLighting FixtureIndividual replacements3761
Various LocationsLighting FixtureRepalcement Newbury Street/Mill Lane895
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement Parsonage Place1254
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement Back Street Eastbury907
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement S/L Big Lane Footpath1811
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement S/L Atherton Place + Lambourn Place
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement S/L P1A Upper Lambourn Rd901
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement S/L O/S Willow End Eastbury377
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement S/L 2 Lambourn Place1927
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement S/L 3 Lambourn Place + 2 Atherton Pl3690
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement S./L Station Road981
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement Hayfield Court1333
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement Newbury Street P2358
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement Folly Rd2213
Various LocationsLighting FixtureReplacement St Agnes Terrace915
Woodland St MaryFixtureWoodlands St Mary Notice board590

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