We met with Thames Water (TW) to discuss their plans for addressing the sewer flooding issues in Lambourn and Upper Lambourn that happened this year.  To see the meeting notes in full click here.

The following is a summary of the key points:

Upper Lambourn

  • Records of historical investigations are being reviewed to help work out what has happened in the past, to review this in relation to work that then needs undertaking.
  • Two key areas of private infiltration have been identified one of which is of significance.  The affected properties have been approached and the residents have been made aware and TW will be writing to these customers in the next 2 weeks.
  • TW will be installing flood plates at a few points along the High Street to prevent water ingress.
  • TW will rebuild a bank and seal a chamber at Fulke Walwyn Way to stop overflows into the culvert.
  • TW expects these measures to improve the situation in Upper Lambourn unless it creates capacity for flow in through other sources.


  • Despite efforts in 2022 (sewer lining, chamber sealing, etc.), Goose Green was still the first flooded area last year.  Further investigation is needed.
  • A pump station sump chamber on Oxford Street is leaking groundwater into the sewer system. TW will seal the chamber
  • TW will investigate adding a sieve system at Oxford Street (space limitations prevent a full filter unit).
  • TW is currently unaware of a permanent solution for overflows on Newbury Street, but ongoing work throughout the summer aims to increase sewer capacity.
  • The filtration system’s location and use are also under review.

General Updates

  • Residents will receive a letter from TW with further details in the coming weeks, click here to read the letter.
  • A public information roadshow will be held in September at The Memorial Hall to answer questions about sewer flooding and ongoing improvement projects.
  • TW has requested that West Berkshire Council consider cleaning gullies earlier this year (before October-December) due to the possibility of early rising water levels.

Additional Notes

  • TW will manage resident expectations by communicating planned actions for key locations before next winter.
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