Lambourn Parish Council is committed to support the creation of a sustainable community. The Council recognises that some of its activities will have a negative impact on the environment, and the aim of this policy is to establish broad objectives to enable the development of actions which mitigate the effects of Council operations.

The policy applies to all Lambourn Parish Council operations.

Energy and water management

The Parish Council is committed to responsible energy management and will promote energy efficiency throughout its operation.

Examples of which are:

1.1 Encouraging staff and Members to ensure that electrical equipment and unnecessary lights are switched off when not in use
1.2 Encouraging staff and Members to close windows and external doors when heating is on
1.3 Encouraging staff and Members to minimise the use of electric heaters
1.4 Encouraging staff, members and third parties to use water efficiently on Council premises
1.5 Ensure staff and Members minimise vehicle miles driven on council business

Recycling and conservation

The Parish Council will:

2.1 Encourage the recycling of wastepaper and cardboard at all operations and where possible plastics and glass.
2.2 Promote and encourage recycling across the Lambourn Parish
2.3 Use recycled paper products where feasible, including folders, business cards, printer papers, toilet rolls and envelopes.
2.4 Minimise the amount of printing and minimise the amount of waste paper
2.5 Observe its duty of care conscientiously with all its waste contracts
2.6 Utilise electronic communications wherever possible
2.7 Minimise pollution and prevent where possible
2.8 Use composting facilities at relevant operated amenities including allotment and cemeteries

Biodiversity and green spaces

The Parish Council will:

3.1 Seek to protect and where possible enhance the quality of Lambourn Parish’s natural environment and open spaces
3.2 Support the conservation of trees, hedgerows, ponds and streams
3.3 Consider the conservation and promotion of local biodiversity in all its activities but particularly with regard to the management of any land in our ownership
3.4 Seek to manage its green spaces in a manner that promotes and protects biodiversity.

Awareness, lobbying and partnerships

The Parish Council will:

4.1 In all relevant communications promote awareness of, and information on environmental issues within the community and seek accreditation to illustrate this.
4.2 Where appropriate, act as a voice for the local environmental concerns to those agencies given the statutory powers to tackle problems
4.3 Ensure that all individuals involved in the organisation are aware of their responsibilities in implementing this environmental policy
4.4 Where appropriate, work with its partners to minimise the effects of noise and light pollution on the Parish.
4.5 Design a data gathering system and report on its Environmental performance in chosen categories each year in May.

Sustainable procurement

The Parish Council will:

5.1 Seek to minimise environmental damage caused through the transportation of goods by sourcing materials and services locally so long as the requirements for value for money and quality are met.
5.2 Encourage that the use of pesticides/herbicides are minimised in its land management and horticultural activities.

Sustainable travel

The Parish Council will:

6.1 Encourage members and officers to car-share where possible when a car journey must be made on Council business
6.2 Promote, and support the use of cycling, public footpaths and public transport

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