Purpose of the Racing Committee – The Committee will act on behalf of the Parish Council in respect of all aspects of racing liaison and ensure adherence by the Parish Council to legislation and guidance.

Key Responsibilities of the Committee – The Committee is formed to ensure the Council maintains a working relationship with the Racing industry. This is a liaison committee which ensures that local racing concerns are addressed and discussed before proposals are put before the Parish Council. The Committee is responsible for the management and administration of the Racing Industry Salt Levy on behalf of the Lambourn Trainers Association.

Operational Responsibilities – The Racing Committee will have the following duties and shall be empowered, within the current structure, to:

a) Manage joint ownership of the horse crossing lights (including maintenance costs at the Old Cricket Field with West Berkshire Council and Jockey Club Estates)

b) To set the amount per horse to be collected for the Racing Industry Salt Levy.

c) To confirm the list of trainers and number of horses for the Racing Industry Salt Levy

d) Request and collect the winter salting voluntary contribution

e) Review additions/removal of roads to be salted and then put those suggestions to a Full Council Committee meeting for agreement.

f) Liaise with the Lambourn Trainers Association in the event of surplus funds being allocated for works to the Old Cricket Field horse track.

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