At the January Lambourn Parish Council meeting Sue Cocker gave a comprehensive update of the activities of the neighbourhood development plan working group. The plan is progressing extremely well and many activities have either concluded or are nearing conclusion. This includes the residents survey, a landscape character appraisal, a Lambourn river study, a business survey, a landowners survey, a settlement character assessment, housing site allocation.

The landowners’ and land managers’ survey is still open for comment. If you own land in the parish we would appreciate your input. Click HERE to access the survey.


The next phase is for the plan to be consolidated and passed on to West Berkshire Council who will assess the plan and make comments. The final phase is for the plan to be put to a local referendum where residents of the parish will be asked to vote to adopt the plan.

Much of the core of the plan concerns housing. The current allocation from government is for 90 additional houses to be built in and around Lambourn. Taking into account the already designated development areas this means Lambourn may have to find land for an additional 25 houses.

Here is the presentation which Sue used to update Councillors and members of the public:

To find out more about the Lambourn Parish Neighbourhood Development plan click HERE

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