A Neighbourhood Development Plan cannot be made without public input and support. The Lambourn NDP is now at a stage when input from parishioners is particularly important. The LNDP Steering Group hopes to have a draft Neighbourhood Development Plan ready in the Autumn so policies are now being written. There will be further opportunities to comment at each stage of making the Plan, but the SG is looking for as much input as possible now, before policies and design codes are set out.

Please read the “Progress made” documents and use the “Prompts for comments” below to guide your response.

The Steering Group is particularly interested in where residents think new housing development should be sited. Please bear in mind that West Berkshire Council will only allow sites to be allocated OUTSIDE Lambourn’s current settlement boundary. Further notes about Housing Site Allocation are on the website.

Please let us know your thoughts. You can email the LNDP Steering Group on: Lambourn.ndp@gmail.com or make contact via the Parish Council Office, The Memorial Hall, Oxford Street, Lambourn. RG17 8XP

Sue Cocker. Chair, Lambourn Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group. June 2022

Prompts for comments:


Where would housing be acceptable? (Remember, this could be the plot next to you)

What do you consider to be “affordable” housing?

Employment and the local economy

Where would (a) industrial (b) retail (c) office development be acceptable? (Consider for example: mixture of development and residential; types of traffic; parking; distance travelled by employees; impact on local environment; flooding)

What types of agricultural diversification would be acceptable? e.g. housing; warehousing and distribution; small industrial units

Getting About

Where are transport links needed?

Access to charging points – are there any issues?

Needs of the older and younger generations

What could be developed that would bring the community together?

How do you think a balance of affordable housing can be achieved on housing developments?

Landscape and heritage

How can we further improve the environment?

How do we share and develop land management best practice?

Heritage assets are defined as “’A building, monument, site, place, area or landscape identified as having a degree of significance meriting consideration in planning decisions, because of its heritage interest.” Are there any heritage assets you think should be given particular protection?

Health and Well-being

How can existing services be improved?

Have you experienced issues with access to health services and recreation opportunities, e.g. transport, public rights of way? Please give examples.

Climate Change

In the light of Thames Water engaging with the problems of sewerage and a solution having been identified, what further measures to address localised flooding need to be taken?

What additional measures could be taken to address:
i. waste disposal and
ii. recycling?

Can you suggest any sites for designation as Local Green Spaces? (Sites must not have been allocated for development or received planning permission.)

How can we further improve the environment?

How can information about “best practice” be shared?

Please add any further comments.

Thank you for your input.

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