We are currently at the Preparation of the Draft Plan stage, it is being written, but cannot be completed until various formal assessments have been carried out, which could take several months.

Once completed, there will be a public consultation on the Pre-Submission document, which takes at least 6 weeks.

The Plan will then be submitted to West Berkshire Council for a Regulation 16 consultation (which will take another 6 weeks), before going before an Independent Planning Inspector for Examination.

Provided the Inspector is happy with the Plan, it will then be subject to a Parish Referendum. All those registered as electors in the parish will be able to vote in the referendum. If agreed, the Plan is made – hopefully in early 2025.

For further information about the progress of the Plan, contact the LNDP team via Lambourn-ndp@gmail.com or click here for updates on the Parish Council’s website.

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