Now that we’re into winter the Parish Council have received several enquiries about potholes and wanted to offer some advice on how to report them to West Berkshire Council.

West Berkshire Council are the authority responsible for filling in potholes and any parishioner can report a pothole by clicking here

The process involves placing a pin at the exact location on an online map, updates on progress will be sent to the email address provided at the time of making the report. Please give as much detail as possible about the pothole and a picture if possible when making the report.

Please note the following guidance before reporting a pothole. West Berkshire Council will not ignore any reports, however, they do have to prioritise their funding on safety and cannot afford to fix all of the problems that are reported to them.

They will normally repair potholes that have a 50mm (5cm) vertical edge and are 300mm (30cm) wide; however, each pothole is assessed using a risk-based approach.

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