Awarded to Susan Cocker on February the 7th 2024

At a meeting of the Lambourn Parish Council, Susan Cocker was awarded the Honorary Freedom of the Parish.

Vicky Rieunier, the Chair of the council said the following of Sue:

Sue has had a busy week; on Monday, she attended Shaw House to receive West Berkshire Council’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This was in recognition of her 30 years of service to the Parish Council, her massive contribution to and leadership of the Lambourn Neighbourhood Development Plan, her efforts on behalf of The Woodlanders Protection Group, Libraries in West Berkshire may have looked very different now if it wasn’t for Sue’s tenacity.  It is obvious to anyone who has spent time with Sue that she is passionate about the Parish, and it is with this in mind that it gives me great pleasure to award, on behalf of Lambourn Parish Council, the honour of being our first Freewoman of the Parish of Lambourn.

A scroll confirming this honour was duly signed by the Chair and the Clerk, and the parish seal was placed upon it before presentation to Sue and congratulations were expressed by the Full Council and attending public.

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